So, ah,  how’s things?


The Short Version

My name is Lachlan and I’m a guy that builds things with words, sounds and pictures.

The Longer Version

By things, I mean films, video clips, commercials, screenplays, magazines, biographies, specialised web content, marketing materials, podcasts, interviews and music.

The Long, Long Version

Well, over the past 15 years I’ve been lucky enough to spend time in the company of some very talented artists and writers so I’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to listen, learn and, in turn, refine my own skill set.

Basically, an “eat your brains and gain your knowledge” type scenario.

I’ve worked in a freelance capacity as well as in full-time management roles within the Australian media (to this day I’m the editor of Australian Guitar magazine at Next Media in Sydney) and I’m always ready to put together a crack team for a job (mostly because that’s what gets the best results and perhaps little bit because I like feeling like I’m in Ocean’s 11).

 I’ve worn many hats – mostly because I’m a sucker for a good hat – and I’ve chosen and been given all sorts of ridiculous job titles. That’s why I’ve settled on “Doer of Stuff, Maker of Things” – that one, I can back up.

Most importantly, I’ve done the work,  never missed a deadline and always been invited back for another game. I like to think my patience, knowledge and experience has allowed me to create tailored content for dozens of major entities, including the likes of Google, Rolling Stone, ABC/Universal, Sony Music, The Guardian, Hoyts and many more.

If you have a project that you think deserves to be super-charged with creativity, style, humour and some real attention to detail,  I’m someone who is waving his hand high in the air. ‘Cos, you know, that’s my thing.



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