Copywriting is about finding the right tone and focus for a client’s project that makes for an informative and entertaining user experience – one that can keep the busiest, grumpiest, over-stimulated reader on the hook.

I’ve engaged in word sorcery for a range of clients from small start-ups and breakthrough artists to multi-national corporations and well-known international performers.

This has included complete website copy for the likes of Hoyts and State Plus, as well as artist bios for ABC, Universal and Sony.

I’ve managed corporate blogs for Harvey Norman and Flexirent, completed world-building projects for Australian thinktank Axillo and created real-time summaries of nightclubs, live music venues, restaurants, cafés and landmarks directly for Google Maps as a contractor for Enveritas Group.

These days, I create audio descriptions for the blind and vision-impaired on existing TV and film productions for AI Media, finally fulfilling my life-long dream of being paid to watch The Simpsons.